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Nonprofit Compliance: Friend or Foe?

With regulators and legislators lining up to create more oversight of nonprofit organizations it seems inevitable that greater compliance requirements are coming. Many in the nonprofit arena seem to decry this "intrusive intervention." But the reality is that trust and faith in the nonprofit sector among the general public is low. If nonprofits were to learn from other Self Regulated Organizations, such as the Brokerage industry, we could create a future where compliance can work for us.
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The Only Board Development Tool You'll Ever Need

An Assessment Rubric for Board members is a great tool. It will give you an objective way to discuss Board assessment, both of the Board as a whole and individual Board members. It provides a framework from which you can introduce the expectations of Board membership to new members. It's even a great tool to help ease Board members off the board. Like any tool, it is only as good as the carpenter that wields it. But even the best carpenter works better with excellent tools.
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Nonprofit Board Member Basics

What is the job of a nonprofit Board member? There are three areas in which you will be expected to serve the organization, Fundraising, Advocacy and Governance. This article introduces the basic concepts in each of these areas and explores some of the issues that confront, and often confound nonprofit Board members, especially new members.
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