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David Gray, CFP®, CDFA
President, Finance Arts, LLC

David Gray, CFPreg;, President, Finance Arts, LLC

David Gray was raised in Princeton, NJ, and received a B.A. in Humanistic Studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Following graduation he moved to New York and worked in the Publicity Department of Doubleday Publishing before joining the Press Office of New York City Ballet where he soon became Press Director. He also met and married New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Kyra Nichols. Gray also pursued his interest in writing, publishing articles and two books for children.

David Gray turned his hobby of investing and finance into a career, becoming a Certified Financial Planner®. His financial planning career began at a major national firm where the focus on “selling products” became quickly discouraging. He then became a supervisor and compliance officer with another firm. Gray trained financial advisors and provided compliance services in the financial services industry and prepared business plans for both for-profit and non-profit clients.

Gray soon focused his energy on the nonprofit sector, bringing his financial skills to the aid of a number of nonprofit clients. He served as Executive Director of New Jersey’s largest dance organization for 3 years and the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Cultural Center for another 4 before returning to financial planning.

Gray became a member of the Garrett Planning Network in 2009 because of their focus on putting the interests of clients first. Having worked with young artists and many nonprofit professionals, Gray saw the importance of providing financial planning services to a wide range of people, not just those with sizable assets or insurance needs. Providing as-needed help on an hourly fee basis creates the opportunity to give as much, or as little, help as a client may require.

In 2010 Gray earned the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ designation, awarded by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. Having experienced his own parents’ divorce, and the impact on family finances, Gray became a CDFA™ in the hopes of helping other families avoid at least some of the pain and uncertainty that he grew up with. “I remember watching my Mother cry when she was paying bills and wondering if she would have to sell the house,” recalls Gray. “If there had been a CDFA™ advising my parents I have to believe that they would have made better, more informed decisions.”

In addition to his financial planning work, Gray continues to consult with non-profit organizations in areas such as planning, and training. Gray conducts training sessions for groups as diverse as the NJ Theatre Alliance, the Watershed Institute and the United Way.

His book on Nonprofit Cash Flow was published in 2010.

David and his wife live in Princeton where they are raising their two sons, Joe and Cameron.